The Breaker Multi Tool

Featuring a chain breaker with a tool grade stainless steel pin. The Breaker uses the tool bit extender as a handle, giving you the functionality of a workshop chain breaker in a multi tool.

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Leather and Recycled inner-tube tool roll.

Able to be hung beneath your saddle or strapped to your top tube / seat tube. Available in a choice of Burnt Brown and Jet Black leather.

Spaceman Review

9 out of 10 toy spacmen's preferred choice of cycle multi tool.

Parrot Cap

Made in Italy. One size fits all. Made from high quality lightweight, wind-proof yet breathable fabric.

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Banana Bottle & Musette

Go Bananas with our stainless steel Mizu water bottle or handy musette.

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"8/10 stars - Cracking multi-tool that is'enpoint' with any bike fettler's needs.... The quality of manufacture is good and being able to use the tool as a big handle to apply lots of torque is great" - ROAD CC
"Full Windsor's Nutter multi-tool will get you out of a jam......The Nutter proves to be every bit as good in reality as it did on paper..... Ultimately the Nutter comes highly recommended" - BIKE RUMOUR
"Clean and simple tool rolls are essential, especially if you're touring or traveling with a bike. The latest from Full Windsor is just that" - THE RADAVIST